There are many reasons why our clients enjoy working with us. Perhaps the most common reason is that we get the job done. Simply, we are a results based content agency that always has the measurable objectives in mind, and does what is necessary to achieve them. We are happy when our client’s are happy.


LWBC is a BBBEE Level 4 (Micro enterprise) Johannesburg & Cape Town based marketing, communications, and content agency.

LWBC is a BBBEE Level 4 (Micro enterprise) Johannesburg & Cape Town based marketing, communications, and content agency. Since 2010 our team of ambitious creatives have thrived on achieving some of the industry’s best results. Bringing together our diverse backgrounds and different ideas, we believe in the value of positive brand and business reputation, and the need for brands to constantly evolve – including ours.

Guiding Principles

Young at Heart

We are all young at heart. We allow for the excitement for the work we do for our clients to guide us in your services so that our clients and partners get the benefit of our enthusiasm, creativity and excitement.


Creatively driven.

Out of the box? What box? Creativity forms one of the cornerstones of our business. Being a hotbox of creative talent ensures we develop some of the best and uniquely positioning campaigns.


Proud of our achievements.

We are proud of the achievements we have gained for our clients. It is this pride that ensures a consistent level of service to our clients.


Dedicated to our clients and partners.

We are as much part of our clients’ business as they are. We do not believe we are merely a service provider, but instead we represent active partners within their business. Their success is ours and ours theirs.


Lead by research.

We love collecting and exploring data. Through research and data exploration we are able to provide valuable insights into the industries of our clients. Further, such information provides valuable news generating content.


Our Network

LWBC is an independent agency with a broad network of partner agencies and businesses that extend our collective reach and services. When required LWBC partners with our select agencies based in Lagos, Nairobi, Dubai, London, and Edinburgh. In South Africa, our network includes a media buying partner, event services, and a design team all of whom we have been working with for more than 8 years. All our network partners share the ethos that we do what is necessary to achieve and exceed the expected results.



Further to our work done for Diageo International on the John Walker & Sons Diamond Jubilee campaign, LWBC was awarded the title of the Best PR agency in Africa for the Group and the company’s Diageo Marketing Brilliance Awards.



Greg Forbes

Man. Director

Lizette Mostert

CT Acc. Manager

Belinda Maritz

JHB Acc. Manager

Sbo Mkhize

Account Executive

Andrew Cross

Account Admin