To create the outline for the SWISS Innovation Award in partnership with the JHP Gourmet Guide.


When SWISS decided to partner with the JHP Gourmet Guide to create an Innovation Award, the agency was tasked with assisting the client in coming up with an outline for the award.

Before the award could be established, the agency defined what the chef’s would need to portray in their food and restaurant in order to be considered – tying this back into the principles of the SWISS brand. Once this content was decided on, the SWISS Innovation Award was created.

An advertorial piece was designed and created for the annual JHP Gourmet Guide book, and the winner was chosen according to the requirements outlined for the award.

Once the award was handed over, a lunch was arranged in order for key media to sample the food and experience why Restaurant Mosaic was chosen as the winner. The LWBC team were tasked with media management, social media management and photography at the event, as well as the development and dissemination of a press release and imagery, which was sent to media during the lunch.


  • 8 media in attendance
  • 2-page print feature
  • Supporting social media content from the lunch