Sailor Jerry


To create awareness around Sailor Jerry spiced rum amongst key media and it’s target audience, in a way that is true to the brand’s heritage and guidelines.


Owing to the brand’s connection with the original Norman “Sailor Jerry” Collins, the agency came up with the idea of partnering with some of Johannesburg’s top tattoo studios for a Sailor Jerry tattoo campaign.

The agency approached Joburg Style to participate as the official media partner. Together, LWBC and Joburg Style launched a search to find the top tattoo studios and artists in Johannesburg, specifically focusing on those that were inspired by the renowned tattoo artist.

The team researched and contacted the tattoo studios, and found contacts who were willing to be tattooed as part of the campign. Each tattoo studio was asked to submit a short bio of the participating artist and studio, along with three original designs that were inspired by the work of Norman “Sailor Jerry” Collins, as well as a few paragraphs on how his work has influenced their designs.

The LWBC and Joburg Style teams reviewed entries, and in the end, five studios were chosen to take part. The team managed the 2-day shoot with the Joburg Style photographer and tattoo artists, managed artist interviews, and took behind the scenes images in order to create social media content.


  • The campaign was so successful that what was supposed to be a 2-page feature in the magazine, turned into a 12-page feature.