To create awareness around the fact that Lufthansa sponsored the new designers show at South African Fashion Week.


To create talkability and generate publicity around Lufthansa’s sponsorship of the new designers show at SAFW, the agency was tasked with finding a creative way to portray the fashion evolution of the Lufthansa uniform.

LWBC assisted the Lufthansa marketing department and SAFW with certain elements required for the show, including a video of the uniform design illustrations. These illustrations were created as part of the show in ordered to showcase the fashion evolution of the Lufthansa uniform.

Several crew from Lufthansa flew to South Africa for the show. They walked the runway in uniforms from various years, matching the illustrations shown as they walked down the runway. The agency took the crew into the heart of Joburg to do a photo shoot, and showed them around the city.

LWBC worked with SAFW on the guest list for the show and identified key influencers and media to attend the event. The agency managed invitees on the evening, and developed and disseminated creative content on the sponsorship to key media and inlfuencers.


  • 55 articles were published online and in print on the winner and the crew.
  • The fashion illustrations were well received by the fashion media.